My 2015

Looking back tonight, I can easily say that my 2015 has been amazing! Not every moment was great but good times often come with bad times but positive living makes all of the moments worth it! I have been trying for some time to live more “positively” and I am amazed at how much better life feels when I do.

This year brought about a good many changes in our lives. Our youngest, Lindsey, graduated from high school so we went through the first half of the year experiencing the “last” of all of the things that high school kids have. This was even more difficult for us since Lindsey was the baby and we would never experience these things again.

The biggest change for us was having both girls, Amber & Lindsey, move to Baton Rouge. This left us with an empty nest for the first time since we started dating and then got married. It has been a sad time but has also presented us with a new beginning for us. The relationship that my husband and I share has grown every year but this year has shown us even more growth than in the past. We now know that we are going to be okay living alone. It has been a transition for us but it almost puts us back to newlywed status with no children living in the home with us.

2015 let Ronnie & I travel more than we ever have in the past. We were very fortunate to have the opportunities to spend this time on the road together and experience things that we love to do along with things we have never done before. We both love to travel and we chose to spend our time doing that as much as possible.

Work for both Ronnie and I was fulfilling for the year. I made significant strides in accepting certain work situations that I have struggled with since 2008. Accepting that no matter what happened in the past at my work, I love what I do and I love the people I work with has made me a much happier person. Of course, getting a year closer to retirement may have helped a little bit too!

Ending this year as a very happy person, I thought I would share a few of the highlights of 2015 for the Loftons:

3 trips to DisneyWorld, including experiencing Star Wars Weekend at Hollywood Studios.

6 trips to Texas for a variety of events and experiences.

Meeting E.L. James and getting personally signed copies of Grey at The Bookworm Box store.

Attending a signing in Dallas and getting to meet Colleen Hoover, K. Webster & Molly McAdams.

Going to Canton, TX for First Monday Trade Days. (and coming home with a vehicle full of stuff!)

Meeting Chip Gaines in Waco at Magnolia.

Attended a national conference for my work for the first time (on scholarship).

Attended a Texas Rangers game.

Attended an LSU game. (Hope to make this an annual event for us!)

Finishing up the year with a trip to Branson, MO. Visiting the Titanic Museum there…totally awesome experience.

Having the baby of our children become an adult, meaning that we have an empty nest.

Began writing my first book.

Both Ronnie & I were able to get new vehicles.

I gained a wonderful step-father & two great step-sisters.

I was able to spend some time with my sister which was wonderful since I hadn’t seen her in a few years as she lives on the road traveling all of the time.

I am not sure if I covered everything but just in those few things I have mentioned, you can see that 2015 was a great year for the Loftons. As wonderful as this year has been, we are looking forward to 2016! More adventures and exciting things to come!

If I learned one thing in 2015, it was to be positive. If each of us makes an effort to be more positive each day, imagine the change that could take place in our world. Love each other, don’t pass judgement on people, live your life, be positive and most of all, love yourself. Goodbye 2015, you have been great but it is time to welcome 2016! Happy New Year!



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