The End

Today marks the end of Childhood Cancer Awareness month. What I ask everyone to remember is that just because this month ends, childhood cancer doesn’t. It keeps going. Kids keep fighting. My hope is that one day, no child has to suffer with cancer. My hope is that cures will be found. My hope is that we all remember, every day, that someone out there is fighting.

When I started this posting at the first of the month, I was excited and couldn’t wait to share our story. As the month went on, it posting got harder and harder. I discovered that making myself bring back those memories every single day was exhausting. Emotionally I am drained from this. I almost quit posting around mid-month from the stress and emotional aspect of it. As I sat here on my couch, holding my laptop, I realized that I couldn’t quit. Amber wasn’t able to just “quit” cancer. She had to fight and push through. All of those other children out there can’t just quit. They have to keep fighting. It reminded me that even though these posts have been tremendously emotional and hard for me, they are nothing compared to what Amber went through. I made a commitment to myself to post about our journey and I couldn’t quit on that.

I posted. I told our story. I laughed. I cried. I shared. This may be the end of that, but it isn’t the end of the fight. Don’t forget about the kids. They are still fighting. Thank you for sharing in our journey.

IMG_8777 copy


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