One Bad Egg

Over the years, everyone that we dealt with at St. Jude was wonderful with Amber. Everyone except one single employee. This woman worked in x-ray and did not have a bedside manner for children. X-rays should be a simple thing for a child to have done. This one person made Amber scared to death of x-rays for years. That was an unfortunate thing to happen considering that she had to have them every 6 weeks.

Even though this person was not good in her position with children, we knew that we could not let one bad egg spoil the bunch. Everyone else was wonderful. This person wound up not working for the hospital for very long. We discussed her (in general terms) with another employee a few years later. That employee told us that they do get people every so often that just don’t “fit” in the hospital. Those people do not make it long.

In the whole scope of 17 years at the same hospital, it is amazing that we only had one bad egg. It just shows that the people that work there want to work there. Those people care about the kids and have given that portion of their life to make the life of those children better. Thank you to all the employees of St. Jude over that 17 years.


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