Spots on Her Lungs

When Amber had her first CT Scan at St. Jude, it showed two spots on her lungs. Chest x-rays did not show these spots. The doctors were not overly concerned but because they were visible, they warranted watching. This was needed in case her cancer had metastasized to her lungs. We were told that they would do further CT Scans during the time that she was receiving chemo and that if the spots shrank at all, then we would need to explore further.

The spots did not change in size during her chemo meaning that they more than likely were nothing to worry about. Even with this news, the doctors still wanted to monitor her lungs for an extended period of time. She had to have chest x-rays every six weeks for a year before moving to every three months. If the spots ever showed up on the x-rays then they would have had to do further testing. Fortunately, those spots never changed and never showed up on x-rays.


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