If you are at St. Jude and have a contagious illness, you are placed in isolation. On one of our trips to Memphis, Amber had a few spots come up on her skin. At the time we were concerned that the spots were the beginnings of chicken pox. We called the hospital the night before her appointments and we were told how to enter the hospital into the isolation area.

The next morning, Tammy, Amber & I went to St. Jude and were put in a very small isolation room. We spent the whole day in that room with the exception of the time that we were taken through the hospital for her to have her tests done. You see, when you are an isolation patient, traversing the hospital becomes an interesting event. Amber had to wear coverings and a mask. As we would go down a hall, the hospital employee escorting us would loudly clear the hall of other patients. It was a very odd feeling. Definitely worth the safety aspect for all involved, but an odd feeling for sure.

Sitting in one room all day can seem quite boring. Not saying it wasn’t but Tammy and I can usually manage to pass the time with some lively conversations. The room had a TV and VCR player for Amber so we took turns going to the movie “rental” of the hospital to get movies for her. Another free perk of the hospital.

After all day in that room with Amber getting IV fluids, we were released to go home. They had determined that she did not have chicken pox, although they did not know for sure where the spots came from. A few months later, we found out what they were…an allergic reaction to the medicine she had been on.


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