When Amber was close to the end of her chemotherapy, she developed pneumonia. We had gone to the clinic in Alexandria for her treatment. Dr. Ule did her normal pre-chemo check-up on Amber and thought her lung sounds warranted an x-ray. Sure enough, the x-ray showed pneumonia. Needless to say, Amber did not get chemo that day. Instead, we headed to the hospital for admission.

The hospital was packed with patients and we were given the only room they had in the area for children. It was actually a room that wasn’t being used. It wound up being a huge room that worked well for us. Due to the high number of patients with various types of contagious illnesses, Amber’s room was placed on reverse isolation. Entrance into her room by hospital staff was kept at a minimum and everyone had to be properly covered. Due to the risk of a secondary infection with her counts being low, we were released after just a few days. We went home and had home health care for a week. We had a great home health nurse that took great care of Amber.

After the time on IV antibiotics in the hospital and breathing treatments that continued at home, Amber recovered fairly quickly for pneumonia while on chemo. The entire ordeal set her back a few weeks on finishing up her chemo treatments, but didn’t impact her greatly in the long run. She did later have a few different times of needing breathing treatments to make sure that her illness didn’t turn into pneumonia.

Fun fact from the pneumonia time–the day Amber was put in the hospital, she was bouncing off the hospital room walls with energy. She did not act like a child with pneumonia at all. I still remember Dr. Rhodes shaking his head and laughing at her in the room. She did wind up running fever and coughing AFTER she started the IV antibiotics and breathing treatments. That’s my girl, a tough one from birth!

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