When we were dealing with Amber’s cancer, treatments, illnesses and trips to St. Jude, we did not have internet or social media. That meant that the only support outside of our close family and friends that we received was in the form of cards sent to Amber. Those cards meant so much to us because it let us know that people were thinking about Amber and sending good thoughts, prayers, etc. for her. The farthest communication that we received was from a church in Oklahoma. A friend or family member (I can’t remember which) knew some people in Oklahoma and communicated Amber’s situation with them, asking them to put her on their prayer list. Amber received a card from the church with prayers for her.

With modern technology and social media, patients have a much larger platform to share their stories as they are happening. Families can chronicle the story on  a daily basis for followers all over the world to see. It also provides an outlet for parents or other family to “get it out” by sharing the story on social media. Since I didn’t have that, I kept a notebook. It doesn’t have every day in it but it has the significant events throughout Amber’s time with cancer. It has made every move with me over the years and I still pull it out periodically to read.

Support is important to the family of a child with cancer. Whether it is reading their social media posts and liking or commenting or just sending a card in the mail, it means a lot to the family of the child.


The box of cards and items sent to Amber during her time as a cancer patient.


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