St. Jude Supporters

If you have ever supported St. Jude, you have probably received mailings to send a card to a St. Jude patient. These cards may be included and you just need to sign and send back, or it may be a request just to send a card of your choice for a particular holiday. Many times the cards will also include an option for you to give to St. Jude at the same time. This may make many people think the cards are just a way to get you to send money. That is not true. Those cards actually go to the children. If you are a patient that is at the hospital during a holiday, you get a card from someone. This person will be a total stranger, but that card means just as much as one coming from someone you know. That card means someone has thought about the children at the hospital. They have taken the time to do something for a child they have never met. When you are the parent, it warms your heart to know that someone took time out of their day to make sure your child had a card when they are stuck at a hospital instead of being home with the rest of their family.



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