Amber’s journey with cancer left her with two significant scars. One is the large scar across her stomach where her kidney was removed. The other is the one where her Hickman Line was placed. The scar from her line has moved upward on her chest as she has grown over the years. The scar on her stomach is so thing that you would not believe the type of surgery that occurred. The surgeon did an incredible job with the incision. He did all of the stitches on the inside, including tying it off at the end.

Because Amber was a baby when all of this happened, she doesn’t remember anything about the actual time when she had cancer. The scars have been on her body as long as she can remember. They are the only thing that she has from the time that she can remember. That is because they will always be there as a reminder to her. They are a reminder of what she went through but also a reminder that she is a survivor. It would be easy for her to forget that time period because she never really had memories of it, but the scars keep it at the front of her mind.

As the Papa Roach song Scars says, “And our scars remind us that the past is real.” Amber’s scars will always be a reminder that her cancer was very real even though she has no memories of it.


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