What does cancer look like?

When you find out your child has cancer, you begin to question yourself. Why didn’t I know something was wrong? Did I miss signs that were there? How could I not have known that my baby was sick? Questions like these and many more run through your head even years after the fact.

The simple answer is that there was no real way we could have known. Amber went to all of her regular pediatrician appointments. She met all of the markers that she should as she grew. She looked and acted like a perfectly healthy baby girl. There were absolutely no outside indicators that she had cancer. Had her tumor not bled, eventually it probably would have only been found by the tumor growing in size. As it was, the tumor was still small enough that with it’s location, it was not readily noticeable.

So, what does cancer look like? In our case, it looked like a perfectly healthy one year old child.


This picture was taken not too much before Amber was diagnosed. She is on the left. Pictured with her is Colter. Tammy babysat Amber and Colter everyday during the week. This has always been one of my favorite pictures. Could you look at this picture and tell that Amber had cancer? We couldn’t either.


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