Visitors: Part 2

At the time Amber was diagnosed, we were attending Grace Baptist Church in Jonesville on a regular basis. There were many members, one of which was Dicky Wilds. Dicky had a bus that he used for the church that happened to be in Memphis in the shop at the time Amber had surgery. On the day of surgery after we were in the room with Amber, we were told that we had a visitor. It was that afternoon/evening and we were not expecting anyone. When we went to the waiting room, we were totally surprised to find Dicky Wilds.

He told us that he had decided to drive to Memphis and check on his bus and thought he would stop by and check on Amber. He wound up staying all night at the hospital in that waiting room to make sure that she was okay. I will always believe that he drove all the way to Memphis from Jonesville to check on my baby because if his bus had been ready he wouldn’t have been able to get it home since he had driven all that way by himself. His caring is something that I will never forget.

We wound up leaving that particular church sometime later, therefore not seeing Dicky regularly any longer. Over the years, I only saw Dicky a few times when I happened to be at a school in our district that was using him and his bus for a field trip. Every time I did see him, the first words out of his mouth to me would be, “How is Amber?” He always remembered and always thought of her.

There are many things that I remember about our time at St. Jude. An unexpected visitor will always be one of them.


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