How will we afford this?

One of the first things that you worry when you find out your child has cancer is how will we afford this? How will we be able to pay the hospital bills and travel costs, all while we are having to be away from work? When we arrived at St. Jude, we were immediately told that we would not have to pay anything at all for Amber’s treatment while a patient with them. Not one penny. Can you imagine the weight lifted off of us when we got this news. In addition, all of our lodging costs while in Memphis during her time as a patient would be covered. Plus there would be meals provided for Amber and one parent every day.

When we found out all of these benefits that we would be given, we honestly were in shock. Then they go on to tell us that we will have be entitled to a travel check each time we travel to and from the hospital. They would fly Amber and one parent if we chose that option but we chose to continue driving ourselves. The check for our mileage would be ready most times before we left to head home. Otherwise, it would be mailed and we would have it within a few days.

These benefits that St. Jude offers to every patient that they serve makes it so much easier for the parents to concentrate on their child. With so many of the financial worries removed, the complete focus can be on your child and their treatment. We still had bills from hospitalizations at our home hospital along with doctor bills and such at home, meaning we had deductibles and co-pays that we were responsible for paying. We never once received a bill of any sort from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Not. One. Bill.

St. Jude is funded primarily from donors to the hospital. If you donated to St. Jude anytime from 1994 to 2011 then you helped my child. If you have donated anytime then you have helped someone’s child. I am forever grateful for those who have donated to the hospital that saved my daughter’s life.

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