The Beginning

The best place to star our story is at the beginning. My daughter Amber was born in August of 1993 and by November of 1994 was a typical toddler. She was spunky and always ready to try something new. My sister-in-law, Tammy, lived next door to us and was Amber’s babysitter as I worked full-time. Tammy kept other children besides Amber so she was always around children. It was a great thing for all involved.

On November 11, 1994, Tammy called me at work to tell me that Amber had blood in her diaper. I have never been the type of mother that panics over things so I really just figured she had a kidney infection or something of that nature. After calling her pediatrician, we decided to take her on to the doctor since it was a Friday. Tammy, Amber & I hit the road for the almost hour long trip to Alexandria to the pediatrician.

After examining Amber, Dr. Rhodes, our pediatrician, but a urine bag on Amber to collect a sample. My child evidently decided that she didn’t want to “pee in the bag” because we tried everything to get her to go and she would not.  After a few hours in the waiting room of the office it was getting close to closing time for the doctor. Finally, Amber went in the bag and sure enough, it was cherry red.

Dr. Rhodes admitted her to Rapides Regional Hospital for the night so that he could order tests for the next morning. Since it was the weekend, this was the only way we could get tests done without having to wait until Monday. Dr. Rhodes was concerned enough about Amber to want them done as quickly as possible. So, off to the hospital we went.


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