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  • Road to Wonderland Series: Blog Tour

Blog Tour 1st September – 5th September

Day 2 Features Paris Hemsworth

Book: Paris Hemsworth’s Road to Wonderland

Author: Francesca Marlow
Genre: New Adult

‘Paris Hemsworth’s Road To Wonderland’ is the second novel in a new adult series, which tells the tale of a seventeen-year-old girl’s tragedy. A tragedy that steers her down an unlikely path full of twists and turns.Paris is a naive, feisty fashionista who floats, carefree, through her life in 1990’s Manchester, thanks to her three great loves: her father, her best friend, and her motorbike. Izzy Moffit is a shy, quiet, literature lover who has been surrounded by violence daily, seeking solace in movies and music. The two are an unlikely duo, but since the age of four, they have been inseparable, always promising to be there for each other no matter what. 

That is until one day Paris receives heart-shattering news which turns her life upside-down. Suddenly, their friendship is tested in ways it never has before, and just when things are starting to look up for them, adulthood steps in and kicks them both in unimaginable ways. Paris is forced into a life full of fear, guilt and doubt, which sees her evolve from the feisty, fun young girl she once was into something she never thought she’d be. Weak.Having hit rock bottom, Paris is left with two options: climb the ladder back up or continue to swim in the sea of despair. The first option is easier said than done when you have no hope or faith left, when the loves of your life have all moved on, and you think you’re alone in the world. In the war against addiction, Paris knows it is only a matter of time before something has to give, but she is unable to predict at what cost

Road to Wonderland Series book 5 (all books are standalone reads)
Author Bio:

Francesca is a self-confessed drifter, never quite fitting in anywhere until she discovered the love of reading two years ago. Books proved to be non-judgemental, loyal and thought provoking, so much so that she was inspired to create her own world. A world where she could channel her every day thoughts and emotions to deal with the daily grind which we call ‘life’.Francesca’s biggest accomplishments to date are the two little ladies that share her heart, closely followed by the one thing she is very proud to say: “I wrote a bloody novel!” She’s a Yorkshire lass and a secret romantic at heart, with an eclectic taste in music and a great love for films – all of which continue to be a source of creativity as well as well deserved relaxation moments.

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The Road to Wonderland Series 

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The Road to Wonderland Series:

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Max @ Amazon UK           Releases 16th October

Victoria L. James interviews Francesca Marlow
Victoria: Now then, cocker. I’m just going to skip the pleasantries and dive right in with the questions. Feel free to put the kettle on while you’re thinking of how to answer. Haha. What would you say is your biggest life achievement to date, personal, professional or otherwise?
Francesca: That probably goes without saying but my two little girls are my biggest achievement today. No matter what I achieve in life, nothing will ever beat producing these two amazing creatures. I’m in awe of them every day and whilst at times I feel like I could murder them *laughs* they bring far too much joy, happiness and support into my life.
Victoria: Have you ever had a moment in your life where you’ve thought about giving up and if so, what pushed you or still pushes you to pick your arse up off the floor and keep going?
Francesca: I’ve had quite a few of those moments in my life but more recently, going through a divorce. I don’t think anyone can quite appreciate what it’s like to make the decision to break up your family. My kids were heartbroken, I was a wreck, constantly questioning myself. I’ve dealt with backlash from friends and relatives, rumors galore. Quite frankly, it’s been bloody tough and there have been moments where I’ve felt like giving up, but thanks to my kids and a handful of loyal, honest friends, I’ve managed to come out the other side. It’s made me question a lot about myself but it’s also made me realise I’m much tougher than I give myself credit for. I can safely say, I’m happy and I don’t regret my decision.
Victoria: What’s your dream job, if you haven’t already got it?
Francesca: I don’t actually have one. I’ve never had an overwhelming desire to be anything in life other than happy… and to be a mum! That’s the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. It’s the most toughest, too, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.
Victoria: What trait do you dislike most about yourself? And what do you think your best traits are?
Francesca: It’s possible I have an inability to think before speaking. Sometimes I say things and cringe at myself afterwards *laughs* yeah, that could definitely use some work. Ah man, I hate having to say a best trait, it’s something I struggle with. I guess my loyalty and the fact that I care.. Sometimes it winds me up hurt but it’s something I’ve learnt I don’t want to change about myself.
Victoria: If you could take back one thing in your life, what would it be?
A few things that can’t be mentioned in this interview *chuckles* however, I’m not sure there is anything major I would take back. Everything I’ve done up to now, has brought me to where I am and made me who I am. I try not to have regrets anymore but see the positives in this things. Admittedly, this is a new mindset of mine *laughs* come back and ask me again in a year.
Victoria: Do you have any secret passions that you haven’t ever discussed with anybody?
I don’t think I have any that haven’t been discussed but one of my biggest passions is to be able to ride a motorbike, just like the character in my book. It’s no secret I’m like her in many ways and one thing we do share is thrill seeking. Being care free every now and again, letting myself go, reminds me that I’m alive. I want to be able to look back on my life and remember all the things I did, instead of regretting all the things I didn’t do.
Victoria: Who is your biggest inspiration in life? Celebrity or otherwise?
Oh gosh… Biggest inspiration… Well I know you’ll hate me for saying this and probably get all emotional on me, but, you are. There’s plenty gone on in our friendship which I don’t need to disclose in this interview, but let’s just say, you’ve been my rock over the past few years and there’s been times when, if I didn’t have you, god knows what I would have done. I see how you’ve coped and dealt with things in your life and it gives me strength to get on and do the same. Love ya, shit head. xx
Victoria: Where do you see yourself in ten years time?
Probably not much different to where I am now, only greyer *laughs* my daughters will be 16 and 14 by then and I have no doubt in my mind that they will be putting me firmly through my paces. I’m very much a homing bird. For me home is where the heart is, so as long as I have the same handful of friends, I’m as happy as I am now and my daughters are on the right track, then I’ll definitely be smiling.
Victoria: If you could spend just one single hour with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
This is an easy one for me, my nanna. I don’t feel like I ever fully appreciated her when she was around because I was too young. Now, looking back, there are so many things I could have learnt from her. She was sicilian and I would love to have learnt more about the culture, the language, her arrival in the UK, how to cook good food. *Laughs* she took no crap from nobody and if we were in trouble, boy did we know about it. I miss her loads.
Victoria: Finally. How many fucking selfies have you taken today you posing biatch? *winks*
Francesca: *Dramatic eye roll* I take back what I said about you a few questions ago. One word… Knob *snorts*



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