September is Childhood Cancer Month

Each year our nation recognizes September as Childhood Cancer Month. Last year I had thought about writing about our experience with pediatric cancer during the month of September. That good intention never happened. This year I am determined to share our story throughout this month. I am aware that most of my blog followers are strictly readers that follow for my book posts. When I started the blog I had never intended it to be strictly book posts but somehow it wound up that way. So, this month you will see posts that fall into the “little bit of everything else” part of my blog.

I know you may not be interested in these posts, but I ask that you will take the time to read them. This will not be a chronological story of our experiences but rather a hodge-podge of stories that have made up our journey. Each story will be directly from our experiences with my daughter’s cancer. By sharing the story the way I have planned, I am hoping to keep each post relatively short.

Thousands of children each year are diagnosed with some form of cancer. Many survive but sadly we have not reached the point that all can be saved. All who have been through this battle have a story. Now is the time that I am ready to share ours. I hope you will hang with me through the month as I share our journey.

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