Books, Photos & a little bit of everything else: Mar. 24

  • Manwhore by Katy Evans: Release Day & Review

  • Undeniable Attraction by JB Heller: Re-Release & Giveaway

  • The Vigilante’s Lover by Annie Winters & Tony West: Release Day & Review

Manwhore (Manwhore, #1)

Book: Manwhore

Series: Manwhore #1

Author: Katy Evans

Publication Date: March 24, 2015


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Is it possible to expose Chicago’s hottest player—without getting played?

This is the story I’ve been waiting for all my life, and its name is Malcolm Kyle Preston Logan Saint. Don’t be fooled by that last name though. There’s nothing holy about the man except the hell his parties raise. The hottest entrepreneur Chicago has ever known, he’s a man’s man with too much money to spend and too many women vying for his attention.

Mysterious. Privileged. Legendary. His entire life he’s been surrounded by the press as they dig for tidbits to see if his fairytale life is for real or all mirrors and social media lies. Since he hit the scene, his secrets have been his and his alone to keep. And that’s where I come in.

Assigned to investigate Saint and reveal his elusive personality, I’m determined to make him the story that will change my career.

But I never imagined he would change my life. Bit by bit, I start to wonder if I’m the one discovering him…or if he’s uncovering me.

What happens when the man they call Saint, makes you want to sin?

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Thanks to the author I was allowed to read an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. I was excited because I loved Katy Evans’ REAL series. This book did not disappoint. It was awesome. It was sizzling hot! I enjoyed the relationship between Malcolm and Rachel. Their chemistry was amazing but the fact that they could open up to each other was more than the heat to me. I also enjoyed the friendship between Rachel, Gina and Wynn even though there were moments I wanted to smack Gina. This is a great read and I can’t wait for Manwhore +1. This one left us hanging. I need the next one soon!!! Great job Katy Evans on this book.

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Book: Undeniable Attraction
Author: J B Heller
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Ivy is straight-laced, orderly and responsible. She’s also in love with her boss, Gabe. When Ivy started working for him at his private investigation firm three years ago she was instantly drawn to him. He’s everything she’s not and everything she wants— rough, gritty, sexy and impulsive.
When Ivy accidentally draws the eye of an unwanted admirer, Gabe is forced to take her and her rambunctious cousin Tessa into his home for their protection. But with Ivy in such close quarters Gabe’s resolve to stay away from the once shy beauty begins to dissolve at a rapid pace.
Things aren’t all sunshine and lolly pops for Ivy though, her stalker will not easily be deterred. His military background only makes him more determined and dangerous, the only thing that can save Ivy now… is Gabe.

Author Bio

J B Heller is an average Aussie housewife with a wicked sexy imagination. She and her super sexy husband are the parents of three little minions.
She spends her days running around after her raucous children and jotting down stories in her flower embossed leather notebook (She is very particular about her stationary.). But the kids often run off with said stationary so she is forced to use her iPhone, iPad or whatever she can get her hands on (Darn kids!).
When the kids are taking their nap, nine times out of ten, J B can be found sitting at her computer typing as fast as she can, while she can, usually with her phone wedged between her shoulder and ear bouncing ideas off her sister.
Want to know more about J B? Check her out, you’ll be guaranteed a good laugh if nothing else.
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3 x $10 Giftcards up for grabs in this great giveaway on the author’s FB page!
**Please read terms and conditions**

 The Vigilante's Lover IV (The Vigilantes, #4)
Book: The Vigilante’s Lover
Series: The Vigilante’s Lover #4
Authors: Annie Winters & Tony West
Publication Date: March 24, 2015
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If it’s time to die, Mia and Jax want to make their final days count.

The fourth and final volume of the addictive romantic suspense series from the desk of USA Today bestselling author Deanna Roy / JJ Knight

Separated. Unsure if the other one is alive. Desperate.

Jax’s ex-lover has captured Mia, and Jovana isn’t playing by anyone’s rules but her own.

Jax is in the hands of the Vigilantes, where in-fighting, suspicion and lies are destroying the order of the world’s most powerful organization of mercenaries and spies.

In this final installment of The Vigilante’s Lover, Jax must find his way to Mia before time runs out on them both.

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Thanks to author, I was allowed to read an ARC of this book. This is the final installment in the series and it was quite an ending! This entire series will keep you on your toes wondering what could possibly happen next. I enjoyed seeing the changes in Jax as he realized just how much he loved Mia. Mia showed just how strong she was in this book. She came through when she needed to and definitely got the feel of being a Vigilante.

This was a great book and a great series. The ending leaves it open to having a possible follow-up story at some point. I certainly hope the authors decide to write more of Jax & Mia. A must read series.

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