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  • The Sextape by Peprah Boasiako: Blog Tour & Giveaway

  • The Trouble With Eden by Leslie Pike: Release Blitz & Giveaway

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༻ BLOG TOUR: THE SEXTAPE by Peprah Boasiako ༺

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Now live! Grab your copy today!

The Sextape is a collection of very detailed and highly explicit erotic short stories. The seven independent stories that make up The Sextape are written from both male and female points of view, bringing variety to adult readers. Each scene is set in a different environment, with different characters and scenarios.

With scenes featuring two strangers on vacation, to your everyday lovers, to a fancy cougar/cub fling, to an unexpected ex-lovers’ meet-up, to a night-to-remember threesome, The Sextape is filled with enough detail to easily stimulate your senses. Take a ride on the wild side, an unforgettable ride you will not regret.



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About the Author - Peprah

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A veteran of the United States Army, Peprah Boasiako was born and raised in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, in Western Africa. He migrated to the United States in September 2000, at age 16.

Peprah is currently a student of Computer Engineering Technology at DeVry University in New York City. He spends his ‘free’ time writing fiction and learning the craft of acting.

Peprah likes to think he is capable of venturing out to restricted territories in his writing. He is a sports freak and a big dreamer.


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The Hitman1600x2400_300DPI

The Hitman by Peprah Boasiako

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BLISS NOVAK has a great life. She’s happy, beautiful and financially secure. What more could she want?


Fortune has smiled on STEVEN FRENCH too. Handsome, talented and sexy, the stuntman has it all. At least that’s what he
believes until he meets Bliss.


When a movie production comes to Pacific Grove, these two are drawn together in a passionate romance. Their love creates their
personal Garden of Eden.


But there’s only one thing wrong with the Garden of Eden….there’s always a snake.





I feel like I’m on a magical mystery tour of sexual desire.  Every land I visit is my new favorite.  His cock was made for my
mouth, a perfectly designed coupling.
I take him all the way, and that’s saying a lot.  I didn’t realize I had such a big mouth.  Licking, sucking, running my tongue about the top, savoring the journey.  It’s pleasure for us both.
It’s in no way a job.
But I want to feel him inside of me, in whatever way he chooses.  I look up at his face, and he somehow understands.
He sits up, flips me over and kneels behind me.  I support myself on my forearms.  He puts his hand on my ass, grabs his cock
and guides it like a divining rod, until he finds the sweet spot.  He rubs the tip against my lips, and gently works to part them.  My wetness invites him in He enters me from behind,
I am aware of nothing else.  Nothing but this sensation, and the mastery of his rhythm.
For the next two hours we quench every thirst.  He is… Once again I find it hard to describe because what he is, is so unique.  He’s untamed in his lovemaking and at the same time controlled.
He is mindful of my needs, and yet a glutton for his own pleasure.
He doesn’t slight either of us.
And there’s a smell that rises and settles on the sheets.  Our sweat, my perfume and the sweet unmistakable scent that comes when pussy meets cock.  There’s nothing like it.  Nothing.
Sounds, smells, sights, raw and uncontrived.  All music for lovemaking our bodies have scored.
I come multiple times, and more miraculously so does he.  Few men have this ability.  We’ve turned on this sexual spigot, and we’re drenched.  It feels like rain from heaven.  We fall asleep, completely spend of energy and reserve.  And sore, we’re both
actually sore.
Morning comes too soon.  I’m entangled in his arms and legs.  His right arm wraps around my waist, and holds me close.  I can see the beauty of his Phoenix Rising tattoo.  It starts on his back, wings spread, and ascends over his shoulder.  The long feathered tail curves around to this right side.  I study the detail.


Leslie Pike lives in Laguna Niguel, California, with her husband Don, and Pom-Poo Mr. Big. Before writing her novel, Leslie worked as a screenwriter on episodic television. She has traveled the world with her Stuntman/Stunt Coordinator/Director husband, on movie sets from Africa to Israel, from New York to Los Angeles. Some of her favorite things include calligraphy, long walks with her friends, and enjoying delicious food that other people have cooked!

The Trouble With Eden is Leslie’s debut novel.


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