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  • Finally Finn by Brandace Morrow: Release Day Blitz & Giveaway

  • Work of Art The Masterpiece by Ruth Clampett: Release Blitz

Finally Finn release day

Release Day Blitz

24716722Book Title: Finally Finn
Author: Brandace Morrow
Genre: New Adult Erotic Romance (novella)
Release Date: March 5, 2015
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Book Blurb

Isn’t it always when you think your life is looking up, that you have to be batted back down? You finally think you’re climbing your way out of the hole, until someone steps on your hands.

I thought our relationship was evolving past benefits and into committed, until I realized that everything I knew about the man in my bed was a lie.

Call me a fool, but I help him anyway.


“I hate you.
“I want to take tweezers and pull all of the hair from your balls.
“Don’t think I’m doing this for you, you lying bastard.
“A pox upon your taint, Finnigan Brennick!
“You are the biggest douche nugget I have ever met, and I’ve met a fuck ton, asshole.”
I’m yelling my rage in the overlarge cab of the monster truck I’m driving when my phone rings. I answer, but don’t say anything.
“Sadie?” Speaking of assholes.
I sniff in disdain and say as neutrally as possible, “Finnigan.”
“So it’s going to be like that, huh? Okay, did you have any trouble with the car?” Batty asks. I think about the Mercedes that I left in the ditch by his driveway. Stick shifts are harder to drive than I ever thought possible.
“Nope,” I lie. He’s quiet, like he doesn’t believe me.
“Well, that’s good, then,” he says skeptically. He definitely doesn’t believe me.
“Your destination is on the right,” the GPS’s automated voice says loudly.
“Listen, babe, I’m—”
“I have to go,” I cut him off. I am in no mood to hear terms of endearment. I disconnect the call with one hand and turn the wheel with the other to enter the school. “Fuck!” I yell as I hit the curb.





Meet the Author

profilepic2Brandace Morrow is a full time mom of four, and currently stationed overseas with her sexy soldier. Her recent obsessions are Maroon 5, Luke Bryan, The Pretty Reckless, rum and coke, and reading, in no particular order. Despite being terribly awkward with social media, she’s everywhere. Frequently subjecting the public to pictures of her minion’s messes, and everything that is momdom in the Morrow house.

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Work of Art book 3 FINAL


Has Max, the bad boy of the art world been tamed just as his girlfriend, Ava’s star begins to shine? Anything can happen in Los Angeles, a world where heroes become villains and the rogue saves the day.

An unexpected plane ticket leads our heroine to a meeting that will change her life.

What happens when what’s most precious to you slips out of your grasp? How fiercely will you fight for the one you love?

Join Max and Ava for the dramatic and passionate conclusion to the Work of Art trilogy

Work of Art- The Inspiration






Work of Art – The Masterpeice





Work of Art – The Unveiling






Work of Art – The Masterpeice






Hours later, I open my eyes. The room is dark except for the reflection

of the outside streetlights giving the sheer curtains on the tall windows

a platinum glow. It takes a long moment for me to realize where I am

and that Max isn’t next to me. In his place are ripples of sheets that

have been peeled back. I’ve kicked off the sheets and lie on my side,


I hear him breathing…deep and ragged. In the dim light, I see

movement. As my vision adjusts, I spy Max sitting in the armchair

next to our bed.

Gloriously naked, his legs spread and his head leaned against the

back of the chair, he slowly strokes himself as he watches me. It’s incredibly

erotic, and my desire for him overwhelms me. When our eyes

meet, he moans and strokes himself again.

The sight of him instantly arouses me, and I lick my lips as his

hands move over what’s mine. His cock looks so commanding from

this angle, and I want him badly. I look up, my expression burning.

“Do you mind if I watch?” I whisper in a sleepy voice.

“You want to watch what you do to me?” He gives me a wicked


I nod and run my hand over my breasts, circling my nipples.

His lips part. “You were moaning in your sleep, Angel. You got me

so worked up, and I didn’t want to wake you, so I came over here and

imagined what you were dreaming about.”

“What did you imagine?” I slip one hand between my legs and

slowly stroke myself. I notice his fist tighten over his erection.

“Remember that night in the O’Keeffe Museum? We got so turned

on by the art, I had you up against the wall with my cock inside of you.

You wanted me so much it made me crazy.”

“I remember, are you kidding? You were wild.”

His eyes roll back as he shudders. It takes him a moment to start

speaking again.

“So, I started imagining us in the room near the back of the Picasso

museum. Remember the wide bench?”

“The leather bench we sat on for a while?”

“Yes, you’re naked and spread out on that bench, and I’m kissing my

way up your thighs to your sweetest spot.”

I moan and stroke further into my wetness. “You really like going

down on me, don’t you? I mean, you don’t just do it to satisfy me.”

“You have no idea how much I love it.” He groans and watches me


“So, did you fuck me in the Picasso museum?”

He gives me a naughty smile. “Yes, I fucked you, but we haven’t finished

yet. You woke up and interrupted my fantasy.”

I squint and flash him a wicked smile. “Yes, I’m such a distraction.”

“What were you dreaming that made you thrash around and moan?”

From the steamy look in his eyes, I imagine he wants to know he owns

me in sleep too.

I pause, pulling the memory out of the folds of my mind. “I dreamt

that we were in a room with dark burgundy walls and burning candles

around the room. There was no ceiling, just the night sky filled with

stars, and I was crouched low on this huge bed, purring like a wild


He leans forward in his chair, and his whole body is tense. I’m

beside myself over the way his fist moves with purpose as he listens.

“What was I doing?”

I roll over, get up on all fours and lean down. My sensitive nipples

graze the soft white sheets, and I arch my back so that my ass is higher.

I move my fingers back to where I’m wet. “You were taking me from


I love the anticipation building as he rises off the chair and approaches

the bed. The testosterone in the air intoxicates me. The bed sags and the heat

from his thighs warms mine before his strong hands settle on my hips.

He pushes into me slowly, so slowly, until I’m beyond full.

“Ava,” he gasps, as he slowly pulls out again.

“Yes, just like my dream…You feel so good,” I groan, as he pushes

back inside and I grind against him. “Is this better than your fantasy?”

“There’s no better with you, Angel… ’cause it’s all perfect…”

“Every…” He pushes into me hard.


I brace myself from falling forward as his movements become more



His heat builds inside me, and he groans before we lose ourselves

in the moment. He’s all hardness and passion, strength and command.

I submit again and again as my fingers stroke the circle of pleasure

closed. When we climax, there’s no breath, no words, just the explosion

of our bodies combusting before he falls over me.



Title: Tarnished

Author: Ethan Radcliff

Release Date: March 17, 2015

Published by: Bitten Press, LLC

Genre: Erotic Romance

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boxer3Joe Murphy is a boxer. He’s twenty-eight years old and what most women would call hot. He’s a player, and his lifestyle is ruining his career.

Joe always hooks up with the wrong women, head jobs and debutantes looking to further their own careers. Joe’s had it, he’s crashing and he’s doing nothing to stop his decent into his own personal hell.

Darlene Russo is a single mom and a huge boxing fan. Except she can’t afford to attend any of the bouts, she watches from afar, she’s a cleaning lady for the biggest sports arena in Brooklyn, New York.

Darlene finds the drunken boxer, and helps him get home. The next morning she wakes up in his bed, scared and confused. Their night together comes in on her, the lovemaking and their use of no protection. Her worries were just beginning and Joe Murphy would face the test of his life.


“Look at me,” Joe said as his fingers went under Darlene’s chin. “You’re very attractive.” Darlene trembled his touch was warm, gentle and his voice soothing so confident. He ran a finger over her bottom lip.

“You’re trembling, I like that. Tells me a woman’s body is reacting and I love a wet soft pussy.” Her heart leapt in her chest and her nipples hardened. She’d never had a man talk to her like that. There mere mention of her pussy made her body ache.

“I bet right about now, if I slipped a finger into you, you’d be sopping wet. Should I try and see?” Darlene swallowed, she couldn’t move because he was right, he was so right.

✦✦Ethan Radcliff✦✦

I’ve been writing since I was a kid. I love creating and tried my hand at art, not bad but not good enough. A guy’s gotta eat. Through high school I wrote erotic stories, kept them in a notebook, let a few of my girlfriends read them. Yeah, played football, baseball, but my brain never stopped thinking of sex. I guess we think about it all the time. Been on face book for a while never did anything interesting when I was on until I started to see all the writers and then some poets posting their erotic prose. Men who were writing erotic romance and stories, I knew it was my time to get out the old note book and throw on some poems. Some are old and some are new, the ones about BDSM are newer. In high school or college I wasn’t on that train of thought. I see a picture it sets me off. A see an attractive women it sets me off. The jiggle of a full ass or heavy breasts, gets me going. Yeah, my mind always is on a beautiful face or body.

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