My Review of the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie

My husband and I saw Fifty Shades of Grey at the first showing in our area on Thursday night. I have been anxiously awaiting the movie because I loved all three books so much. I must say that I was not disappointed. I felt the movie was great. It was not perfect but it stayed true to the book.

The movie moved at a much faster pace than the book but that is to be expected. Each of the Fifty Shades were very long books. The book had to be condensed into a two hour movie. I felt that the screenwriter and director managed to get the feel of the story for the two hours. I would say that if you have not read the books, it may feel really fast paced and maybe a little confusing at times. Saying that, my opinion is that most of the people attending will have read the book. Not all will but I think those will still enjoy the movie immensely.

There were several main scenes that had to be left out to fit the time frame. I missed those things but it did not take away from the movie. There were several little things that I think could have been added from the book that might have added a little bit more of the story. Again, it didn’t take away from the movie but might have added a little extra. I am sure these little things were not included because of the time frame.

When the actors were cast, there many people who were very upset and doubtful of the actors. I personally always felt that they casting would be perfect because E.L. James was included through the entire process. If the writer of the book liked the actors then they would be fine for me. Turns out that they were perfect. Dakota Johnson was the perfect Ana for the movie. She portrayed Ana in the very essence of Ana in the book. As far as the character of Christian, can I just say that Jamie Dornan became Christian in the movie. His expressions were spot on and really let you see the tormented side of Christian Grey. Together the two were perfect. They were Christian and Ana. The supporting characters were also well cast. I loved Kate and Elliott both. People were worried about Elliott looking younger than Christian and in a way he may have but I think that is more in the difference in the characters. Christian is a suit wearing wealthy businessman while Elliott is more of a free spirited party guy. With both being adopted, the difference in looks fit the book. Most of all, the personalities of Kate and Elliott in the movie totally fit the characters from the book.

Overall, the movie was wonderful. My first words when it finished were “I can’t wait for the next one!” I will definitely purchase the DVD when it goes on sale and I will most definitely attend the next movie, hopefully on opening day!  Great job to the cast, the director, the screenwriter and E.L. James. You should all be proud of the work you made. The book is still better than the movie, but the movie brought one of my favorite books to life. What more could you ask for?


Happy Valentine’s Day!


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