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  • Inconsolable by Amanda Lanclos: Blog tour

  • Separation by Stylo Fantome: Cover Reveal


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You would think that because I am a Marine that life isn’t that hard to live. I’d like to tell you that you couldn’t be more wrong. War is hell on earth. I have seen so many things that will haunt me for the rest of my life. No matter how much I try to forget the light fading from someone’s eyes, I cannot. My life is one determined by the mind. I wake up every day to fears of what will trigger the turmoil that sends me into overdrive. My life is depicted by sounds and colors and things that make me less of a man.Who am I, well I am CPL Blake Johnson. I am a United States Marine and I am living with post-traumatic stress disorder. If it weren’t for Anna, the sunshine in my life things would be much harder than they are.


Being a cosmetologist is not the easiest job for me, and after losing my best friend to her inner demons. I am bound and determined to not lose the man I love as well. They say in my line of profession you are more than what you claim. You are a therapist, a shrink, a person that listens to anything and everything. I am not that person. I have so much built up inside me I think I may be about to explode. I hope that this isn’t true because my heart picked someone that happens to be as inconsolable as I feel.

Who am I? Well, my name is Anna Henderson. I am just trying to live my life one moment at a time and praying that I don’t mess it up.

We are sitting around enjoying a nice dinner and drinks.  Sam and Anna are actually getting along a lot better than I thought they would.  In all honesty, I believe they could be good friends.  If it weren’t for Mary-Beth being with Jameson, I think they would have been friends too.
We are all sitting there eating our salad and talking when a plate crashes in the distance. I immediately duck and cover under the table. Oh shit, this isn’t good.  I grab hold to the table and just try to let me breathing even out.  I know this doesn’t look good for me, but all I can think about is that damn bomb blowing up and taking everyone away.  I’m shaking under the table, my whole body quivering.
“It’s okay, Anna.  Just give him a minute.  That crash probably triggered a bad memory for him. Sam, explain please.”  I hear Jameson saying, but it sounds so far away.  I feel someone beside me, but I can’t look up.  My head is in my hands against my knees and I just keep rocking, trying to make myself forget everything.  “Johnson, look at me man.”
“Can’t look up.”
“Blake, it was a dish or something crashing in the kitchen.  We aren’t there anymore man.  It isn’t anything bad,” he says as he puts his hand on my shoulder.  I finally look up to lock eyes with him and feel like such a coward for acting this way.
“I’m such a fucking pussy.”
“No, you’re not.  You are one of the strongest men I know and you will get through this,” Jameson cajoles as he bumps his head against mine. 
“She’s going to leave.  We haven’t even stayed together because I was afraid I’d scare her with my dreams.  Now, I have scared her by being scared of a fucking dish breaking in a kitchen.”  I let out in a tortured groan. 
“Anna isn’t Mary-Beth.  She’s a lot tougher than this.  If she cares she will stay.”
“I’ll be outside,” I say as I get up from under the table.  I avoid eye contact with anyone including Anna.  I hear her mumble something and then footsteps behind me, but I don’t wait for her to catch up.  I walk outside and to the edge of the building as I light up a cigarette.  I inhale the toxins welcoming them into my body.  Anna comes and stands in front of me, looking me up and down.
            “How long have you been like this, Blake?”
            “Like what?” I snap, I instantly feel remorse as I see her cringe and take a step back.
            “Never mind.  I’m sorry I asked.” 
            “Anna, wait.  I just…  It’s not something I like to talk about.  Okay?”
            “Is that why you didn’t stay the night with me that night we watched movies?”
            “Yeah.  I wake up screaming sometimes.  I didn’t want you to see that side of me.”
            “Well, I would have been there for you through it.  I want to know everything about you.  Why you lied to me and kept it from me, I don’t know.”
            She gives me a sad smile as I light up another cigarette, looking over when I hear Jameson raising his voice outside with someone.  I look over to see Ms. Jennifer and Mr. Roger standing over there with him. 
            “Come on, I’ll take you home,” I say as I grab Anna’s hand and take her to my car.  I open the door helping her inside then I walk
around to the other side.  I just flip Kyle off as I see him standing by the car parked beside me.  We drive in silence the whole way back to Anna’s and I can’t help but feel like this wall is growing between us more and more.  I pull into the apartment complex and put the Rover in park.
            “You gonna come in?”
            “Not tonight, I think maybe I should just go on home.  We’ve had enough excitement for one night.”
            “Oh, okay then,” she replies.  The look on her face kills me.  It’s the look of someone who’s hurting and I wish I could make it go away, but I can’t.  I don’t know how to fix it.  I watch her walk up the stairs to her apartment.  When I know she is safely inside I jerk the car into reverse.


Other Books in the Series:

In one day your life can go from awesome to total shit and for me it’s going to change forever. Who am I? My name is PFC Jameson Carter, and I am a United States Marine, or I was until a bomb detonated and took half of me with it. The only thing that kept me alive was the woman I had waiting back for me at home.

How do you go from being a complete person to being half of something? For me, I have help, but how can I be anything more than half of what I used to be? Then when the one person you count on, the person you lived for leaves you how do you react?

For Samantha Blalock life is easy, she helps repair people like me, the people who lose limbs. Something isn’t the same though, she’s changed. See I’ve known Samantha for years. She’s hiding something. Can we help each other through these trying times in our lives? Or does the fact remain that we are both irreparable?***DISCLAIMER*** This book contains topics of a serious nature, including possible violent scenes.

About the Author:
Amanda is from a small town in Louisiana. She is a mother to one beautiful daughter, expecting baby number two, and two bad fur babies. She’s been married to the love of her life for 3 years. She loves to read and has for as long as she can remember. One day she decided she had a story to tell so she sat down to write it. Now her dream of not only reading the stories she loves, but giving other people a story to devour was set into motion.  Amanda is also one of the co-founders of Crazy Cajun Book Addicts book blog and loves being able to let others see all the amazing books being written. 


Cover Reveal


Book Title: Separation (The Kane Trilogy, #2)
Author: Stylo Fantôme
Genre: Erotica
Release Date: September 2014
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Can the Devil be Forgiven?

Everything is fun and games till someone gets hurt, and what Jameson Kane did to Tatum O’Shea goes so far beyond hurt, he is well into the realm of unforgivable. Tate says she wants him gone for good, and he quickly learns that the old saying, “you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”, is most definitely true.

But Jameson has never been very good at following instructions, and when Satan decides to seek redemption, he’ll go to great lengths to get it. He proposes one last game – one to end them all, if she agrees to play. He is very confident that he can win, but Tate warns him that’s not possible; she will not lose again. Little does she know, Jameson is prepared to do whatever it takes. Prepared to lay the entire world at her feet. Prepared to bear his soul.

What he didn’t count on, though, was handing the damn thing over.

Now he can only pray that his evil ways haven’t rubbed off on Tate too much. Sometimes, it’s very difficult to tell who the Devil really is …

WARNING: contains a semi-reformed devil, a woman scorned, and more Sanders than anyone has a right to witness. Also graphic sexual situations and strong language.


Jameson hadn’t seen how it had started, just how it had ended. When he’d walked into Sanders’ room and saw a man in a suit bent over Tatum, he had thought it was actually Sanders himself, at first. Talk about upsetting. Sanders was like a son to Jameson, he didn’t want to have to kill him.

But it wasn’t Sanders. It was Dunn, Jameson’s business partner there in Boston. A man Jameson had gone to school with, a man he had known for a long time. Dunn knew that Tate was off limits. Tate knew that Jameson didn’t want her to sleep with any of his friends or colleagues. Breaking rules was apparently par for the course that night. Jameson had wanted to murder them both, but he’d settled for beating the shit out of Dunn, and then kicking Tatum out of the house. He hadn’t bothered to look in the bathroom. He never bothered to look at anything, ever. He didn’t have to – he didn’t care. Right? Right?

She had bled. How could I not notice that she was bleeding? Even I never made her bleed.

Jameson pressed his back against the door, then slid in to a sitting position. Put his head in his hands. He was a Yale graduate. He owned multiple businesses, in multiple countries. He played the stock market like he’d invented it, and owned real estate so pricey, even Donald Trump was interested. He was considered by many to be a very smart, calculating man.

But suddenly he felt very stupid. Brought down by a woman with black hair and dark eyes. A sexy wit and a sexier body. A bartender, coupon clipper, temp worker. A college drop out turned party girl, with loose morals and legs that rarely closed.
So much better than him, in every way, shape, and form.

Her only downside was thinking she could use sex as a weapon. She’d always been too naive to realize that sometimes, weapons could backfire.

It had certainly backfired on him.



Meet the Author

Crazy woman living in an undisclosed location in Alaska (where the need for a creative mind is a necessity!), I have been writing since …, forever? Yeah, that sounds about right. I have been told that I remind people of Lucille Ball – I also see shades of Jennifer Saunders, and Denis Leary. So basically, I laugh a lot, I’m clumsy a lot, and I say the F-word A LOT.

I like dogs more than I like most people, and I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t drink. No, I do not live in an igloo, and no, the sun does not set for six months out of the year, there’s your Alaska lesson for the day. I have mermaid hair – both a curse and a blessing – and most of the time I talk so fast, even I can’t understand me.

Yeah. I think that about sums me up.Social Links

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