RWA 2014 in San Antonio

In July, I attended my first ever book signing.  I met several of my favorite authors, got a whole bunch of signed books, had a couple of private events to attend and saw a part of Texas that I had never seen.  All in all, it was a great way to spend my vacation this year. I am now hooked on signings and can’t wait for RT in Dallas in 2015!  I thought I would share a few of my pics from the trip.


IMG_4879Author Ruth Cardello hosted a lunch for her roadies that were in San Antonio for RWA.  In addition, she invited several other wonderful authors! I had the pleasure of meeting J.S. Scott and her husband, Danielle Stewart, Lillian Hart, Jean Oram, Lynn Raye Harris, Melody Anne, just to name a few.  As you can see, it was a great group of people!

Loved getting to meet Ruth Cardello and am proud to be a Ruthie’s Roadie!

Deanna Roy was the first author I me at signing.  Was thrilled that I was able to get a

signed copy of her book that included a dedication to my daughter!

Got to meet the great Kathleen Brooks.

Shelly Bell is just as sweet in person as she is talking to her online.

As long as her line was, Sylvia Day didn’t rush anyone!

I really think Melody Anne would be a lot of fun to hang out with!

Jill Shalvis was tired at the end of the night but was still ready to sign and chat!

Jennifer Probst was a delight to meet!

After the signing, Marie Force had a small reader get together in her hotel suite. Was super to meet

her and we had a blast hearing some of her stories.

My signed books!  Yay for me!

And last but not least, a few pics from around San Antonio






IMG_4904 IMG_4905

IMG_4913 IMG_4917 IMG_4919



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