Uncaged Love #5: The End of the Series

Uncaged Love #5

Book: Uncaged Love #5

Series: Uncaged Love part 5 of 5

Author: J.J. Knight


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The dramatic conclusion to the erotic suspense series featuring MMA fighters Colt and Jo.

Colt’s ability to ever fight MMA again is in jeopardy after suffering injuries in a near-deadly street brawl.

In the firestorm of publicity after the attack, Jo’s worst nightmare comes true as her identity is revealed and her past catches up with her. Her stepmother and stepbrother sell their story to any magazine or news show that will take it and press charges in hopes of seeing her rot in jail.

Colt and Jo must fight for their love and their futures as their world crashes around them.

Uncaged Love #5 completes the erotic suspense series readers have called “addictive,” “keeps your heart in your throat,” and “forget the dishes, the housework, or the kids, this series is a KNOCKOUT.”


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Awesome ending to the series!  This series really grabs you and sucks you in.  With the major cliffhanger in book #4, it was good to get back to the story.  This edition brought a lot of changes in everyone.  Without giving away any spoilers, it showed the growth of not only Colt and Jo but Colt’s father as well.  The book also brings in an unexpected character that has an immediate impact on Jo’s life.

Jo’s past comes back with a bang and it is good to have a resolution to that problem.  It is also nice to see Colt’s father making an effort to accept Jo in not only Colt’s life but his as well.  We are introduced to Colt’s mother and I loved her character.  As usual, Zero kept things interesting for a moment.

I hated to see this series come to an end.  I would love more Colt & Jo.  They are a couple that you would like to follow on with their future…hint, hint to J.J. Knight…give us some more Colt & Jo in the future.  Five stars for the entire series!  Cliffhangers are over so if you haven’t started the series, now is the time to do it!

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