Uncaged Love Part #2 by J.J. Knight: A Review


Uncaged Love 2 (Uncaged Love, #2)

Book: Uncaged Love #2

Series: Uncaged Love part 2 of 5

Author: J.J. Knight


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Colt McClure’s career as a champion MMA fighter is threatened by his damaged past.

Jo believes their love can heal him. To prove it, she trusts Colt with the secret she’s been hiding from everyone.

But there’s one person who can stand in their way, and he’s not about to let anyone interfere with Colt’s future.


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Thanks to the author, I was allowed to read a complimentary copy of part 2 of this series for an honest review. Again, as with part 1, if you do not want to read cliff-hangers, you should wait until all five parts are published.

In this installment of the series, we learn a lot more about Jo and her past. We find out what happened to her to have her be completely alone in the world. Jo and Colt grow closer while Colt continues to train for the fighting circuit. Just when everything is looking up for Jo, the bottom falls out of her life again and we are left wondering what will happen next.  Big  cliffhanger with this one and now I am absolutely anxious for the next installment!

Five stars for Parts 1 & 2!  Bring on part 3!

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