The Royal Elite: Ahsan by Danielle Bourdon


Book: The Royal Elite: Ahsan

Author: Danielle Bourdon

Publication Date: February 13, 2014



Sheikh Ahsan Afshar is a rogue of the highest order, prone to scandal, seduction and womanizing. He’s a devilish yet complicated creature with an over-sized ego and more arrogance than he knows what to do with. When fate brings him face to face with Miss Sessily Pavel, he finds himself issuing a challenge that brings her into his home—and into his life.

Sessily Pavel has a secret. A secret involving Sheikh Ahsan Afshar. One so explosive it could endanger her life. Challenged to a race, she enters Ahsan’s world, only to discover he’s not the man she thought he was. Fighting off red-hot chemistry and undeniable attraction, she sets herself on task—one that threatens to unravel her secrets and expose her for the liar she is. The only question is whether he’ll ever forgive her, and whether she can forgive herself.


Loved this book! This series is a spin off from the Latvala Royals Series and I loved all of the books in that one too. Ahsan is a very intriguing character and I loved how the book told his story. Sessily and her story pulls at your heart strings. It was also nice to catch up with Sander for a little bit at the beginning of the book.

If you love alpha male royalty along with some suspense, then you will love this story.  I am so glad that Danielle Bourdon decided to continue with these characters by giving them their own series. This is a five-star book. It can be read as a stand-alone but you should get Book #1 if you haven’t read it. Mattias is as interesting as Ahsan!


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Born and raised in Corona California, Danielle Bourdon has been dreaming up stories since she was 11. Her first two novels, Dréoteth and Bound by Blood, were published in 2010. She has already written a third novel, Sin and Sacrifice, which is due for release sometime in the summer of 2011. Her love of the thriller and horror genre prompted her to write a collection of short horror stories titled Cemetery Psalms and a Zombie Kids short story series, both available in January, 2011.


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