The Virgin: Redemption by J. Dallas


Book:  The Virgin: Redemption

Author: J. Dallas

Publication Date: January 25, 2014

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They say revenge is a dish best served cold.  Maybe that’s why my plans didn’t work out. Cold could never describe what I feel for Drake Gallagher.  Still, after ten years of bitterness, ten years of hiding in the shadows, I’m not sure there’s any way to bridge the distance between us.  Especially now.

Running away seemed to be the best answer.  So what am I supposed to do now that he’s found me again?  Is it time to open up and tell him…everything?  The safest thing to do would be push him away.  But safety is an illusion.  Nobody knows that better than I.

book-review-logo1This is book #2, and the final book, in this series.  You really need to read book #1, The Virgin: Revenge, before you read this book so that you will fully understand the back story.  This is a great series by J. Dallas showing the effects of anger and hurt and the need for revenge.  The author does a great job of showing what these emotions can do to a person when they are not dealt with.

Book #2, Redemption, gives us more of the story of Drake Gallagher and how his life unfolded.  Finding out the truth of Drake’s past showed Shannon that he was not the man that she had made him out to be in her mind.  In addition to this knowledge, Shannon must face more from her past head on.  As usually she feels she must do this on her own and without Drake knowing.

This book is a book of personal growth.  Shannon begins the book at her father’s grave, in the same emotional state as she has been for ten years.  As the book proceeds, we get to watch Shannon grow into a strong young woman ready to take control of her life.  Great closing book to this two book series by J. Dallas.  I loved it and give it five stars!


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