The Royal Elite: Mattias by Danielle Bourdon


Book:  The Royal Elite:  Mattias (Royal Elite #1)

Author:  Danielle Bourdon

Published:  Wildbloom Press, November 17, 2013


The Royal Elite

A band of brothers from different nations, different cultures, all bound by one covenant: to protect their own. Secretive, cunning and deadly, they fight for the innocent who have become targets in a society obsessed with power, money and greed. It isn’t just a moral code that drives the brothers, but the thrill of danger they can’t find anywhere else.

Meet the men who risk everything, even their own lives, and the women who capture their hearts.

* * * *

Mattias Ahtissari, Prince of Latvala, discovers that quirky, socially awkward Alannah Astbury has been targeted for murder. Trying to protect the sharp-tongued woman proves more of a challenge than he can believe. Tension and conflict erupt, leaving the pair at odds while the members of the Royal Elite seek answers into the threats against her. A deeper, more sinister secret lurks behind the scenes, one that Mattias never sees coming—until it’s too late.

Saving Alannah will take every ounce of skill and training Mattias possesses.


This new series by Danielle Bourdon is a spin-off from the Latvala Royals Series.  I was thrilled to hear that the author was creating this new series as I loved the Latvala Royals and wasn’t ready to give them up.  Book #1 did not disappoint as it told the story of Mattias.  Mattias is directly from the Latvala Royals Series and is as Prince of Latvala.  In this story, you learn more about Mattias and about the work of the Royal Elite.

As Mattias attempts to perform his duties for the Royal Elite, he finds himself drawn to the object of his duty, the beautiful Alannah.  As the book progresses, you will be drawn into the web of excitement as Mattias works to not only protect but to eventually save Alannah from the forces at work.  As exciting as the story is, the biggest question becomes will Mattias continue to fight his attraction to Alannah because of the secrecy of the Royal Elite.  Definitely worth reading to find the answer!  Great job to Ms. Bourdon!  This is going to be another great series!  Five stars!







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