Theirs to Keep (Tangled Hearts Trilogy Book #1) by Maya Banks

keep_4501-184x276Maya Banks has a new trilogy and Book #1 is out now!  Theirs to Keep is book #1 in the new Tangled Hearts Trilogy.  In true Maya Banks style, this book provides a great erotic romance story.  It is an intriguing book that you will not want to put down once you start it.  Once you finish, you will be ready for Book #2!  It can’t get here soon enough.

This book is the story of Elle who has endured a horrific event in her life that has made her lose her memory.  She is found by roommates and business partners Cade and Merrick.  Merrick is a MMA fighter who helps Cade with a security business.  The story takes you through the blooming relationship between the three as they fight to protect Elle while trying to maintain their lives.  Ms. Banks once again shows the workings of a relationship between one woman and two men.  These two alpha males will do anything in their power to protect the woman they love.  Elle must try to learn to have the self confidence to trust the men in their relationship and know that she is not a problem for them.

This is a great story by Ms. Banks.  I have loved her books in the past and I loved this one.  I am ready for more Cade/Merrick/Elle.  Bring on book two!  Five stars all the way!

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