Accidentally In Love With a…God? by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

cover33536-mediumI was allowed by NetGalley to read Accidentally in Love with …A God? for an honest review.  The paranormal genre is not my normal read but this one sounded interesting.  It was definitely a paranormal read and it was interesting.  The story centers around young adult Emma Keane who has heard a certain voice in her head for basically her whole life.  The voice keeps her from having a normal life and that is all she is searching for.

The voice turns out to be a trapped god that she names Guy.  The story takes you through the process of her helping Guy to be released and then into the process of her being chased by the evil priests.  Guy has always been her protector and upon being released, he becomes an even bigger protective force in her life.  You will follow Emma as she goes from wanting the protection but yet wanting her independence.  Emma will have a hard time learning who to trust.  Ultimately she must learn to accept herself as she is and to face the world in the manner she really wants to.

This is a good book and is well written.  The story seemed to drag a little at times and left me wanting it to proceed a little quicker.  Other than that I enjoyed the book and the story.  I’m still not a big paranormal fan but I did enjoy the book.  Four stars for this one.

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