Yours To Keep by Serena Bell

cover36800-mediumThanks to NetGalley I was allowed to read the new Serena Bell book, Yours to Keep.  This was a great book that kept me interested from start to finish.  It was a “don’t want to put down” book for me.

The story follows Ana, an undocumented immigrant, and Ethan, a widowed pediatrician with a teenage son.  As Ana tutors Ethan’s son in Spanish, the two discover their mutual attraction to each other.  The following storyline highlights the difference in the lives of undocumented persons with the well off persons.  The couple is faced with these differences at every turn and have to decide if it is worth the fight to be together.

Ms. Bell does an excellent job of showing the perils of undocumented immigrants.  This is something that our country faces on a daily basis.  It is something that we really need to take a bigger interest in as many of these individuals were once here legally and through various circumstances are no longer legal.  This book illustrates one such situation.  This is a wonderfully sweet love story that shows so many emotions.  Great read.


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