Secrets Collide brings more Keeneston adventure!

18520870I was excited to read this book as I loved the Bluegrass Series and the other books in the Bluegrass Brothers Series.  Cy Davies has always been an enigma in the other books so I couldn’t wait to dive in and learn his real story.  It was worth the wait and the book was phenomenal.

Cy and Gemma are thrown together by chance and then find out that the criminals after both of them are the same people.  When Cy takes Gemma from Los Angeles to Keeneston, she is introduced to a whole new world.  The entire town becomes involved in their attempt to not only protect themselves but to catch the criminals that are after them.

The book takes you through Cy’s journey to find himself again after being away from his family and Keeneston for so long.  It also takes you through Gemma’s journey of dealing with her twin sister’s murder and believing that she is what Cy would want in his life.  In the middle of all of it is the Davies family, their friends and the entire Keeneston bunch!

This book will make you laugh and cry as you read.  The Keeneston crew are always providing laughs as they bet on anything and everything.  John Wolfe and Ms. Lily are quite entertaining in this story too.  I love how Kathleen Brooks brings all of the family and friends into each and every book.  While the book is focused on the newest couple, the others are not forgotten and you feel like you are part of Keeneston.

This was the final Davies to find his love but thank goodness it is not the end of Keeneston for us readers!  Now we must all anxiously await Ahmed’s book!  I love Ahmed’s character and can’t wait to get more into his story!  Thanks Ms. Brooks for a great series!  All of these books are five stars!

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