Hard to Handle by Jessica Lemmon

cover34426-mediumThanks to NetGalley I was allowed to read the new Jessica Lemmon book Hard to Handle.  This is my first Jessica Lemmon book to read and since this is book 2 in a series, I have missed part of the story.  Even though it was book two, it was easy to read as a stand alone book.

This is a story of a couple who were torn apart by life events that basically neither had any control over.  Just as their relationship was really beginning to take off, Aiden was forced to leave Sadie behind to move with his cancer ridden mother to a facility in another state.  A year later, they are thrust back together, again by life events, and are given a second chance.  The storyline follows whether or not Sadie will be open minded enough to give Aiden a second chance and risk her heart again along with whether Aiden will be confident enough in his life to believe that he and Sadie are meant to be.

Ms. Lemmon does a fantastic job of describing both characters struggles with their personal issues.  This was an enjoyable story and I plan to go back and read book #1 now.

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