More Scanguards Vampires with Thomas’s Choice

ThomasChoice-HighResTina Folsom has recently released Book #8 in the Scanguards Vampires Series.  This series has had me from Book #1 and I have loved each of them.  Each book concentrates on one of the Scanguards’ characters and their road to love.  Included along with the love story is always a suspense story in the lives of all the Scanguards vampires.

This book focuses on the vampire Thomas.  Thomas is homosexual and if you do not like to read a man on man romance, then you should skip this one.  If, however, you just enjoy reading a good love story no matter the sexual persuasion, then you will definitely enjoy this book.

Thomas has mentored the new vampire Eddie for a year and has been in love with him the entire time.  Eddie finds out how Thomas feels by chance when overhearing two other vampires talking.  Eddie, who has lived his life as a straight man, does not know how to handle this new knowledge.  Along the way, he and Thomas are forced into a life threatening situation and Eddie kisses Thomas as a cover.  Little does he know the path that the kiss will take him.

This book takes you through the story of Thomas and Eddie as they try to find their way.  Eddie has to figure out if his feelings for Thomas are enough to make him live his life as a gay man.  Thomas has to fight a part of his past that has come back and is ready to use him to take over the vampire world.  The other Scansguard vampires are all a part of the book as usual and helping the lead characters along the way.

Ms. Folsom does a great job of portraying this couple in a true light and keeping true to her writing style.  I have enjoyed each book and each character’s love story and this is no exception.  Thomas has played a prominent part in all of the books and it was nice for him to finally get his story with the man he loves.  Good job Ms. Folsom and I can’t wait for the next Scanguards book!


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