If You Have to Be Snowbound, This is the Way!

cover36159-mediumThanks to NetGalley, I was allowed to read this book by Shannon Stacey.  Snowbound With the CEO, is a sweet story about a CEO (nothing like a sexy CEO!), Adrian Blackstone, and his assistant Rachel Carter.  While neither of them knew it, both had been secretly attracted to the other the entire time they had worked together.

Both characters are very driven in their jobs and have fought their attraction.  When fate intervenes and they are snowbound at one of the resorts that Adrian has restored, fighting their attraction becomes the last thing on their mind.  You will spend the weekend with a super sexy couple that enjoys every minute they spend together.  It is a super hot weekend in the snow!

When the weather clears and they are forced to go back to real life is where the story goes from hot to cold.  No spoilers here, you will need to read the book to find out if Adrian and Rachel are able to find their way together in their regular lives.  It is worth the read and I give this book a sure fire five stars!  Great read…you will be dreaming of being snowbound somewhere!


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