Simple Perfection is just Perfect

17449417Abbi Glines.  Enough said.  I only recently discovered Ms. Glines’ books and in that short time I have learned that when referring to her books, her name says enough.  Her books are wonderful and this is no different than the others–it is simply a great book!

Since reading Twisted Perfection, I had been awaiting this book.  I could not wait for more Wood and Della.  This book did not disappoint…it was everything I had waited for.  Once again, Della struggled with her past and how it would impact her future.  Without sharing a spoiler, let me just say that I was totally shocked with one of the directions the book took.  It was a good shock though.

Woods also did not disappoint in his undying love for Della.  His love never faltered and it is refreshing to read a book with a male lead character being so steadfast in his love and affection for the female lead.

This is definitely a five-star book.  If you have not read anything by Abbi Glines, then don’t wait.  Jump in and start a series.  You won’t be disappointed.  Her books are all perfect.


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