A Fool’s Gold Christmas is a Sweet Story

cover34998-smallSusan Mallery does an excellent job of creating a wonderfully sweet story.  This is a great holiday book with a genuinely interesting storyline.  There are a lot of emotions running through the book that makes it more than just a love story.

The author creates a town that you can actually visualize when describing  Fool’s Gold.  You feel like you are there in the town, interacting with the people.  The story is a heartwarming story of a young dancer who has never felt that she belonged anywhere.  Evie has to face her family and the ghosts of her past.  Along the way, she has to decide whether to move forward or let those ghosts control her future.  Helping her with her emotional journey is her brother’s business partner, Dante.

Dante is your typical book male character in that he has a past and has always been a player.  The difference in this character and most book male leads is that Dante is a really funny guy and a joy to read about.  He doesn’t give you those “blues” that many book leads give you.  He is also a very helpful guy.  He helps Evie, not only emotionally but with her dance troubles.  Dante is always there to help her when she is struggling with the production left in her hands.

The emotional journey of both characters keeps the book flowing.  It was a pleasure to read about the dance production and Evie’s relationship with her students.  It was nice to see the growth in both characters along the way.  This is one of those feel good books that makes your heart swell.  Also, this is a book that does not highlight the sexual relationship of the characters for those who may prefer to read a book that is not graphic.  If you are looking for a good easy reading love story, this is your book.  Five stars to Ms. Mallery. Thanks to NetGalley for allowing me to read and review this book. Now I am ready for Christmas!!!


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