Reviewing: Forever Innocent by Deanna Roy

cover35706-mediumNetGalley allowed me to read the new Deanna Roy book, Forever Innocent, for an honest review.  I had never read anything from this particular author in the past and wasn’t certain what to expect.  This is a gripping tale of love, loss and second chances.

Corabelle and Gavin were two young lovers who experienced a terrible loss when their newborn baby died while they were in high school.  Even though they had their future planned and were deeply in love, the loss of the baby was such a devastating event that Gavin ran from their life during the baby’s funeral.  Corabelle was left to find her way without Gavin and watched as her life spun out of control over the next four years.

As fate would have it, Corabelle and Gavin found each other again at college when they were scheduled for the same class.  Even though time had passed and many things had happened in their lives, their love for each other had not died.  Gavin proceeds to try to win Corabelle back but she had many demons to overcome and is not certain that Gavin will be a way for her to do that.

The author takes you on a ride with two young people who have suffered one of the most tragic events anyone can suffer, the loss of their child.  They were both very young when it happened and neither dealt with the loss and grief in a manner that was helpful to their emotional stability.  This is a great story of showing how grief can change a person’s life.  It is an emotional tale of struggling to survive in a world alone without dealing with the intense grief that you are fighting.

Deanna Roy does a great job of pulling you into the characters and storyline and making sure you feel the emotions of the characters.  It is more than a love story, it is a story of survival.  Survival may come in many forms but it this case it is in surviving loss of a child and loss of a first love.  The story grips you to the end with hope that both characters can find their way to each other along with a way to deal with their emotional losses of the past.  This is a five star book and will have you wanting more of Corabelle and Gavin.

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