Opposites Do Attract: Everything Bared by Kristine Cayne

cover35907-mediumWe have all heard the old adage that opposites attract.  Kristine Cayne does an excellent job in her new book, Everything Bared, of showing that this is true.  This book is book two of the Six-Alarm Sexy Series.  I will admit that I have not read book one, but if this book is any indication, book one will be a great read too.

First let me say that this is one hot read.  So many times, a good hot read will be lacking in the story but that isn’t the case in this book.  This book may fall under that genre of erotica but it is has a fantastic storyline.  You will meet two characters that are like night and day.  Dani is a firefighter who is tough as nails and has a certain kink that has kept her from having a long-term relationship.  William is a straight-laced businessman who is looking to have the perfect wife, the perfect children and the perfect life.

Dani has been in love with William for quite some time.  She is suddenly given the opportunity to live in William’s apartment for a period of time and lets just say, sparks fly.  Once these two are give in to the heat between them, they are not sure how to handle the situation.  Both love what they are experiencing but neither are sure that it can grow into more.

Ms. Cayne explores how a straight-laced man can realize that he too enjoys a little kink in his life.  You feel the emotions that Dani feels in thinking that she will never be good enough to be a stable figure in William’s life.  You get to watch a grown man realize that he has set his priorities on all of the wrong things in life.  As the story progresses, you find yourself pulling for these two.

In addition to the love story and the erotica storyline, this book has a suspense aspect to it also.  You will be kept on your toes as you watch William battle an unknown suspect that is trying to ruin his professional life.  As the stakes get higher, his whole family becomes involved and you see how the interpersonal relationships grow.

This is a five-star book to me.  This book has a little bit of everything.  I will definitely be reading more from this author.

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