Follow Me #1–Deadly Game

cover34614-mediumNetGalley allowed me to read this book early in exchange for an honest review.  This is my first Cara Lockwood book to read and I did find it a well written interesting book.  It is actually more of a novella than a book but since there are supposed to be five parts to it, then I feel that the parts put together will be more like a book.

This story is meant to be a story of love and intrigue.  This first installment seemed more on the intrigue level than the love level.  It portrays two young people in a foreign country and them waking up to a dead roommate in their bed.  Neither have a memory of what happen and spend the story running from the law.  It also follows the story of the two police officers on the case.

At the completion of this first installment you are left with many questions.  Those questions will be enough to get me to read Follow Me #2 when it comes out. To me, this was a three star read.  It was interesting but did not grab me like many of the books do.  I’ll see where the next installment leads and decide from there if the series is worth completing.  If you have a short period of time and need a quick read, try it and see what you think.


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