Falling Into Us is the Perfect Companion to Falling Into You

FALLING-INTO-US-front-685x1024 While I thought that Falling Into You was a wonderful book, I think I enjoyed Falling Into Us even more.  In this book, Jasinda Wilder told the story of Becca & Jason who were Nell & Kyle’s best friends.  She takes the story from the beginning as teenagers when Jason first asks Becca on a date. The story progresses along the same timelines as Falling Into You but has twists and turns that you never knew of in the first book.

Becca & Jason both come from dysfunctional families even though they are drastically different.  Becca’s family puts extreme pressure on Becca to not only succeed but to exceed all expectations of a normal teenager.  Jason’s father expresses his pressure on his son to succeed by using extreme physical abuse.  Both families are portrayed in detail and the author does an excellent job of showing how each situation can impact a child.  The author also portrayed Becca’s brother’s fight with bipolar disorder in a very emotional way.

As Becca & Jason pursue their lives after high school, they are hit with various things that impact their lives.  I love that this story showed how Jason could break the cycle of abuse and be the loving significant other that Becca needed to get through all of the tragic events that they faced.  His character was a strong one even though he had been through so much himself.  Jasinda Wilder has a way of making you feel like you are right there with the characters and feeling the same emotions they feel.

I enjoyed this book very much and consider it a five-star book.  I loved that the author brought Nell & Colt into this book and showed us a little more of their relationship.  The only thing that I did have to skip over pretty quickly was the sexual talk and actions while they were still underage.  I don’t have a problem with it, I just felt like it was something I didn’t need to have quite so much detail on.  Ms. Wilder did an excellent job with this book as a whole though and all of the positives of this book were definitely worth the read.  Check out both Falling Into You and Falling Into Us.  You won’t be disappointed.

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