Why You Should Read Falling Into You by Jasinda Wilder

Falling-Into-You-amazon-GR-SmashJasinda Wilder hits the mark with this book.  It covers such a wide range of emotions and keeps you pulling for the characters.  The book begins with Nell and Kyle, two life-long best friends that begin dating in high school.  When Nell suddenly loses Kyle to an unfortunate accident, she discovers that she can’t deal with the grief or the guilt she feels so she doesn’t.  She finds other methods to keep her from having to grieve.

Colton is Kyle’s brother who meets Nell at Kyle’s funeral.  He has past troubles of his own.  Two years down the road, Nell and Colton meet again and realize that they need each other in their own way.  The author does an excellent job of showing how not dealing with grief or guilt can effect a person.  Colton wants to help Nell if Nell will just allow herself to let him and in doing so, Nell helps Colton without always realizing it.

This story is a journey about both characters, Nell & Colton.  Both have to overcome their pasts and allow themselves to choose to live for the now.  It is a heartwarming story of how love can overcome all of the grief and guilt if you let it.  This book shows how two broken souls can find each other and heal together.  Love can and will overcome.  Good job Jasinda Wilder, good job.

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