The Fall, Another Great Read by Marie Force


Let me begin by saying that Marie Force is one of my favorite authors.  I have read all of her series books and am one book away from finishing her single titles.  This book, like her others, is an exceptional read.  It will take you from smiling to crying to smiling again.

The first thing that really made me love this book is that the good Dr. Ted is a pediatric oncologist.  My daughter had cancer at 15 months old and we did surgery, chemo, years of doctor visits, hospital stays, etc., so I fell in love with Dr. Ted in the first chapter.  Anything that brings attention to childhood cancer automatically ranks high with me.  This is a life changing event in a parent’s life and Marie did an awesome job of portraying an extremely caring doctor dealing with not only sick children but the parents of those children.

Now, moving on to the love story.  If you have not read the book, then beware–spoilers ahead.  This book portrayed love on all levels–romantic love, family love and friendly love.  Ted and Caroline faced what can happen when all of these types of love run into conflict with each other. Ted not only faced the loss of his friends but the ire of his mother in his attempt to hang on to the woman he loved.  To me this book also showed how many men deal with this level of conflict.  Ted promised Caroline that nothing would stop them from being together, yet when all of the conflict came down on them in full force, he was the one who could not deal with it.

This story showed love at first sight and how true love is worth fighting for. It dealt with grief, stress, anger, jealousy and just about any other emotion you could name.   The author did a great job in the resolution to the conflict and bringing happiness to all of the people involved.  I loved how the friendships were not only mended but that the author brought resolution to Smitty and his relationship with his mother.

Any book that makes me cry but then makes me smile at the end is a good book to me.  As I have said before, any book by Marie Force is a good book to me.  I have one more single title and then I will be waiting on the upcoming works from Mrs. Force—and those can’t come soon enough for me!


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