REAL by Katy Evans is a Real Winner!


How have I missed this book??  I seriously didn’t know anything about it until recently and had it on my to read list as soon as I finished all my recently released series books.  That day came over the weekend and I started the book finally AND I finished it today.  I could not put it down!

I have seen reviews both ways for this book, but personally, I loved the characters of Brooke & Remington.  Both were deeply flawed characters and I thought the author did a great job of expressing their problems.  Did I mention this was a debut novel?  Katy Evans hit the mark with this one.  I am seriously ready for the future books coming out in this series….especially the one from Remy’s POV.

Many of the negative comments that I have read on the book regard both of the characters flaws.  Some people didn’t like Brooke and some didn’t like Remy.  I personally adored both and thought that the flawed personalities made the couple.  I have a deep interest in psychology and found the storyline of Remy’s bipolar issues to be intriguing.  Some negative reviews have expressed doubt of the way his illness affected him.  Those doubters should do more research on the issue of bipolar and see just how devastating of an illness it can be.  A person’s choice to leave the disease untreated could easily make a Remy situation.

The author did an excellent job of describing the issues of both characters.  The book itself flowed well and was well edited.  It is a very intense book at times and can bring strong emotions with it.  You will definitely want more.  This was a read until the end without stopping book for me.  Five starts all the way!  Bring on Remington’s POV quickly please!

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