Burn Will Leave You Breathless


Maya Banks Breathless Trilogy succeeded in living up to it’s name.  It will definitely leave you breathless.  The final book of the trilogy came out this week, Burn, and it did not disappoint.  This installment of the trilogy focused on Ash and his new love interest Josie.  Prior to meeting Josie, Ash had always been a player who wasn’t interested in settling down.  In fact, he was quite used to sharing his women with Jace until Jace settled down in the previous book.

This book was a very intense story as Ash has very deep emotions that stem from his turbulent relationship with his family.  I was very glad that this book brought Ash back together with his sister so that at least he had a family member that he could share his life with.  The main focus of the story, however, was his relationship with Josie.  I was not quite expecting the dom side of Ash even though it seemed to be appropriate with his personality.  It was interesting to me to see all of the emotions that he went through with Josie and his intense need to provide for and protect her.  I liked how the author showed all of those typical dom characteristics, but still allowed Ash to be such a romantic type with Josie.  It was interesting to see such a strong personality that didn’t believe in the dom aspect of rules and punishment.

I love how the other characters in the trilogy still play a big part in each of the books.  This book was interesting in how the tragic events that unfolded with Josie stemmed from events that happened in the first book with Gabe and Mia.  It definitely kept the series tied together and flowing forward in time.  This book also really highlighted what friendship can mean to a woman who has not really had true friends in the past.  The “girls’ night story” was a fun addition to the book.  The relationship with all of the women in the book makes this story more than just another romance.  It brings in the side of family that is created over time in a person’s life with those they become close to.

Saying all of that, this book is still one hot book!  Maya Banks doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the physical aspects of Ash and Josie’s relationship.  Gabe, Jace and Ash are all very physical men in this trilogy and each book shows how intensely each man loves his woman.  If you want to be left breathless, check out this trilogy, Rush, Fever and Burn.  Thanks Maya Banks for yet another great set of books!


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