Afterburn–A Good Quick Read


Sylvia Day has been one of my favorite author from the time I first discovered Gideon and Eva in the Bared To You Series.  As we are all anxiously awaiting more in that series, Afterburn provides a good quick read that gives us new characters to follow.  Jax and Gia are an interesting couple that have me ready for the sequel that is coming soon.  This book is a short one and that is not a problem for me.  I like that we were not left with a drastic cliff hanger at the end of this first book so the wait for the second book won’t seem like such a long amount of time.  Cliff hangers always get me and make the wait almost unbearable!

Jax and Gia’s relationship is an interesting story.  The character of Jax is intriguing and leaves you wondering just what his story really is.  I feel that we will have a much clearer idea of exactly who Jax is in the next book.  It is obvious that these two love each other in their own way but we are left wondering if love will be enough for them.

If you loved Gideon and Eva, you will love Jax and Gia.  If you haven’t discovered either couple yet, then read both series.  Sylvia Day makes you want more and more of her couples. 

2 thoughts on “Afterburn–A Good Quick Read

  1. I share the same thoughts as your review and really wished that we didn’t have to wait until November to find out what’s going to happen with Gia and Jax.

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