Wicked Beat is Wicked Good!!


Finished the new Olivia Cunning book in the Sinners Series last night.  I do believe that Wicked Beat is my personal favorite of the series.  I absolutely loved finding out what made Eric Sticks “beat.”  His vulnerability was as adorable as his purely honest humor.  He kept calling Rebekah adorable, but I found that he was just as adorable.

Rebekah’s character also took me in.  She was just as vulnerable as Eric, just in different ways.  I enjoyed the cancer story line and her fears related to it.   My daughter is a childhood cancer survivor so I am always a little partial to any cancer storyline.  I loved loved loved the statements made by Eric to Rebekah when waiting on her test results.  As odd as Eric’s looks are described to be, I feel he is the most humble and real of all of the characters.

In addition to loving the characters and story lines, this book was seriously hot!  As usual, Olivia Cunning gets down and dirty and makes you love it!  On top of it being hot, it was so interesting to see the vulnerabilities that the characters had with their individual sex life.  I loved how the writer took those vulnerabilities and turned them around throughout the journey of the characters together.

The Sinners Series is one rocking hot series.  Each of the books and the band member who is highlighted in it is just as good and hot as the next.  This new one tops the others for me personally though.  Take the time and jump into a truly hot rock series about some of the sexiest band members in writing!


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