Revealing Us (Inside Out #3) Thrills to the End


I am very blessed to have been able to read this book early and must thank Lisa Renee Jones for giving bloggers this opportunity.  I absolutely love the Inside Out series.  Chris & Sara are one of my favorite book couples and this book was just what I was waiting for.

I loved the journey that this book took with this couple.  It was a little different than the other two because the Rebecca storyline had basically been concluded in the last book.  There was still touches from that part of the story in this book but I enjoyed that this one was mostly concentrated on Chris & Sara and their efforts to completely find themselves while they find each other.  Both have troubled backgrounds that have had a significant impact on their personalities and their ability to trust.  This book really showed how love can work through these problems and bring two people completely together.

It was fun to have the characters in another country and I enjoyed the humor placed in the book over the language barrier.  It was nice to see things that had been in Chris’s life and past.  Most of all, it was wonderful to finally get to the place where we learned why Chris became the man he was and had the needs that he had.

The Ella storyline still has me intrigued.  I liked that we got more of this story and found out a little more about where Ella has been.  I must say that I hope the end of the story is an indication that there is more to come of this story.  We need more of this story along with more of Mark’s story.  I hope that Lisa Renee Jones will continue this story with these other characters, but with keeping Chris & Sara in the stories even if they are the backstory.  Not ready to give up my Chris & Sara!  All in all, this is definitely a five star book!  Lisa Renee Jones is an awesome author who keeps us not on intrigued but in love with her characters.  Thrilling story from beginning to end.

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