IBooks vs. Kindle?

I am venturing in slightly different direction tonight.  As an avid reader, I use both iBooks and the Kindle app. i read on an iPad and sometimes on my iPhone. My personal preference has always been the iBooks app but lately I have been curious what other readers use.

The iBooks app has been my choice for several reasons.  I typically like the book selection available in the store.  I like the synchronization between my devices. I like the collection setup to keep my books straight. The main reason is that I just enjoy the reading experience more on this app.

Saying all this brings me to today.  For several days I have been waiting for a new book in a series I am reading.  The books has been out for this period of time on other media sources but not yet on iBooks. After going to the author’s website, I found that it is strictly an iBooks issue.  Evidently they are very slow to approve files and this particular one is held up in the process.  I hate to purchase it another’s Kindle app and not have the entire series on one device but I am currently frustrated with my “preferred” app.

So, the question of the day is….what do you read with, iBooks or Kindle?


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