4th Installment of the Marriage Series


Thanks to NetGalley, I was able to pre-read The Marriage Merger by Jennifer Probst.  I had enjoyed books #1, #2 and #3.  I was pleased with the book and enjoyed the characters.  I really enjoyed the added dimension of having a third main character outside of the two romance characters.

I felt that the character of Wolfe really added an element to the book that you don’t always get in a romance.  It was interesting the way the writer not only focused on the past of Sawyer, the lead character, but also of Wolfe.  Presenting their similar backgrounds and struggles really added an element to the lead character that made him a much more interesting read.

I also enjoyed the strong character of Juliette.  It was interesting to show how succeeding at such a high level can practically destroy a woman’s self confidence in the personal aspects of life.  The balance of the working woman is difficult enough but this really displayed what havoc such dramatic success can wreak on a woman.

All in all, this was a good read.  I enjoyed the way the characters came together along the way and how each grew in his or her own emotional state.  I also enjoyed the manipulation of Mama Conte as always.


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